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Swimming festival 23.4.15

Swimming festival 23.4.15


PE and sport is a very important part of Monk Fryston School. All our children do at least 2 hours of sports and PE each week and they are encouraged to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. All classes have timetabled lessons and we make full use of our hall, playground and field. We try to provide a variety of opportunities that cover the full curriculum and enable children to pursue different interests.

Most PE lessons are taught by our class teachers. We have accessed a number of specialist training courses to ensure we have the right knowledge and skills to teach our children effectively. We also use specialist coaches to enhance our provision.

An audit of our provision highlighted that in previous years we have not had many opportunities for children to experience competitive situations against pupils from other schools. We have therefore deliberately increased the number of tournaments that we enter as a school. We believe that experiencing competitive situations is as important as being successful, and therefore try to involve as many children as we can throughout the year regardless of ability. We also identified a need to improve our range of extra-curricular activity so that children have the chance to pursue their interests after school and hone their skills.

The government give primary schools additional funding to develop sports provision. We have used this funding to improve our teaching and to create wider opportunities for children to experience competitions and tournaments.

Sports Premium

You can read our evaluation of our Sports Premium evaluation for 2015-16 and see our plans for expenditure during the 2016-17 academic year.

Previous evaluations:

Our PE & School Sport funding allocation for 2014 – 2015 was £8880; our PE & School Sport funding allocation for 2015 – 2016 is £8875.

Our aims for this year are:

  • To provide specialist teaching and coaching so that pupils improve their skills
  • To develop children’s leadership in sport
  • To facilitate wider participation in competitive opportunities
  • To further improve our resources so that we can teach more effectively
  • To increase the number of extra-curricular activities we offer

We use our Sports Funding in the following areas –

External Partnerships

7.9% : Employ a part-time Sports Coordinator and Competitions Organiser. We have employed an Alliance tournament co-ordinator to create and implement a year round competition calendar throughout the area, running sport competitions and increasing pupils’ participation in school

games. We also link with regional partnership officers to access higher level area and regional events. We have maintained participation in the local alliance sports partnership, and subscribed to district and national sports associations.

3.8% : Release the PE Subject Leader to meet regularly with other leaders from other schools to organise competitive matches and other sporting activities and plan professional development opportunities for staff.

This has had a significant impact because a greater number of pupils now participate in competitive sports against other schools. We have had representative teams in football, rugby, swimming, cricket, hockey, rounders, netball, multisports, tri-golf, athletics, cross-country running, and dance..

Invest in Staff

23.4% : Employ a Specialist Sports Leader (Mrs Dawber) to work in school for 2.5 days each week. Her job includes teaching specialist PE lessons throughout the school and to train and coach other staff. She has extensive specialist PE qualifications and experience.

34.3% : Hire specialist qualified sports coaches to work with our teachers when teaching PE

1.9% : Fund Professional Development opportunities for teachers in PE and School Sport, including individual coaching courses.

1.9% : Providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE and Sport.

Inspire Children

5.7% : Supporting and engaging children in extra-curricular clubs. A large number of children now access our after-school clubs. These cater for different sporting interests. The choice of club varies throughout the year, and has included football, multi-skills, netball, dance and rounders.

21.1% ; Purchase new resources, visitors to school for workshops and trips.


  • Children’s participation in inter and intra sporting opportunities has increased significantly as a result of having a dedicated co-ordinator across the Alliance. Between September 2015 and February 2016 62% pupils had experienced competitive events.
  • The impact of high quality, specialised sports teaching accompanied by the coaching and up-levelling of skills/ knowledge acquired by attending class teachers has successfully impacted on raising standards in the teaching of PE.
  • Lesson observations and class teacher evaluations indicate standards in the teaching and learning of Gymnastics and Dance have risen significantly.
  • Awarded Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Mark award July ’14 in recognition for the greater range and quality of Sport undertaken at Monk Fryston.

The most significant impact of the use of the DfE Sports Grant can be summed up with some quotes from our children:

“We do lots of different sports each term now. I enjoy it because it means if I enjoy it I might enjoy it out of school as well and will start doing it more.” Ruby

“Mrs D makes lessons fun and we do lots of different things” Omar

“It’s fun in netball matches because it is competitive.” Leila

“Matches are fun. Instead of just practicing we really co-operate. It’s amazing!” Josh

“Our new mats are really good. It’s easier to do press-ups now.” Tom

Future plans

In the coming school year we are planning to continue to increase our participation in sporting events. We are exploring a wider range of sports, as opportunities arise. We will also investigate opportunities to launch a Change for Life club in school. The significant improvement in the quality of sports and PE at Monk Fryston School has been possible through the commitment of all the teachers and teaching assistants and the Sports Grant from the DfE.