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Pupil Premium Strategy

How do we use all our funding to maintain all of our provision for disadvantaged pupils?


Please click this link to see our most recent Pupil Premium Strategy MF PP strategy 2016-17 Pupil Premium Strategy

Previous evaluations:-

Academic Year 2014 – 15

Delegated funding 2014 – 15: £16,580 (academic year)

Number of identified pupils: 11

Classes with Pupil Premium children:

Year 1 1
Year 2 2
Year 3 1
Year 4 1
Year 5 2
Year 6 4


Additional support staff to provide interventions and in-class learning support:


Teaching Assistant 1 Supporting pupils in KS1 £6,632.00 (40%)
Teaching Assistant 2 Supporting pupils in KS2 £6,632.00 (40%)
ATA Interventions 3 Supporting pupils in Y6 £4,145.00


Total: £16,850.00


Training to develop interventions:

ELSA 6 days TA release £570.00


Funding to enable participation in extra-curricular activities:     £110.00

Total: £680.00

Total Expenditure: £17,530.00


This expenditure is higher than the Pupil Premium income received. We agreed to supplement it from the delegated budget so that we can better meet the needs of pupils throughout the school. Pupil Premium funding on its own would not provide the required resources to deliver what we need.


Impact 2014 – 15


Children made good progress being made Year 1 and transition into Year 2 was smooth.

There were 4 Pupil Premium children who took the KS2 tests. 100% made expected progress in reading during KS2, with 25% making more than expected progress; 100% made expected progress in writing, with 50% making more than expected progress; 75% made expected progress in maths, with 25% making more than expected progress.


Throughout the school, in-class support provided pre- and post-teaching opportunities. This helped personalise learning and resulted in Pupil Premium children making better than expected progress and closing the achievement gap. Progress was generally highest in writing.


Pupils were fully included, regardless of ability or need. This is evidenced in pupil and parent feedback. Financial support was provided to help families access wider opportunities, including after-school clubs and the residential visit, helped to secure equal access and led to good progress.

Emotional needs were supported well and this helped to ensure children were able to focus upon learning. Due to this success, and an increasing demand for emotional support, additional staff training was facilitated to increase our capacity.


Parent readers have been allocated to Pupil Premium children to provide support for reading in school as they do not always receive additional support at home.


Pupil Premium allocation 2015-16: £15,680.00

We intend to use this funding to continue to provide high-quality personalised learning through the use of highly-skilled staff. The aspects of expenditure from 2014 – 15 detailed above remain relevant.