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Monk Fryston School SEND Policy

Monk Fryston Church of England Primary School is an inclusive school, dedicated to ensuring that all children, whatever their individual need or disability, have access to the same high quality experience as their peers. In practice this means providing unimpeded access to ‘quality first teaching’ with additional support and resources to supplement this wherever needed. As a school we believe inclusion recognises a child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum, which is appropriate to their individual abilities, talents, and personal qualities. Within our setting individual difference is valued as a rich resource, which supports the learning of all pupils and prepares them for life in a modern, diverse society.

Our staff are skilled and experienced in tailoring provision to meet the needs of children with a variety of Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and we are proud of the success we have had and continue to have in providing a positive experience for all children within our care. Our commitment to being an inclusive school has been recognised by the local authority resulting in us being awarded the North Yorkshire Inclusion Quality Mark. This has been achieved through a rigorous self-evaluation process involving all staff, governors and pupils. This is an award that is externally moderated by North Yorkshire Local Authority officers and formally recognises the achievements we have made within the area of inclusion.

Much of our success within this area comes from our established pattern of working closely with the parents of children with additional needs and ensuring that their wealth of knowledge is embedded within the support we offer their children. Equally we are actively engaged with a number of external agencies who provided a bank of specialist knowledge and support to ensure that even complex needs can be met within our setting.

Included here within this section of our website you will find two key documents which further explain our ethos and approaches to inclusion.

The first of these is our SEND Information Report 2016. This is our schools ‘core offer’ to the pupil and parents of children with SEND, outlining within it the provision we make for our pupils. Alongside our ‘core offer’ is also the ‘Local Authority Offer’ which outlines the minimum expectations parents should hold of any school within the district. We work very closely with our local authority to ensure that we meet all of their expectations and in many areas we are confident we offer above and beyond their expectation.

The second document is our SEND policy 2017 which recognises the entitlement of all pupils to a balanced, broadly based curriculum. Our SEND Policy reinforces our ethos of working alongside parents to support and nurture all children to ensure that their individual potential is reached. The Governing Body will ensure that this policy is effectively implemented and regularly review its contents alongside school practice and achievements.

In addition to this we would also like to draw your attention to the local authority website where you can find a wealth of information relating to inclusion and SEND (local-offer)

We ensure that all pupils, including those with SEND, are treated equally and have access to the full range of our provision. Sometimes, this means that we make reasonable adjustments to what we do so that we can provide appropriate access. This is detailed in our Equalities policy 2016. We have an accessible school environment.
At school we are happy to discuss individual access requirements and adapt our Accessibility Plan as required so that it meets the needs of all of our children.
At present in school we have:
– All classes are at ground level. We have the capacity to move classes so that the year group is always accessible for the child.
– Doors at low level that are fully accessible
– An accessible toilet
– Some sinks have adapted taps
– A gradual ramp between levels in our outdoor environment
– We can provide a translation service for those parents whose first language is not English
– Classrooms and corridors are carpeted to reduce noise for the hearing impaired
– Accessible parking bays are provided and kept clear at all times to facilitate entry into school
– We can access specialist equipment if required.

Should you wish to further discuss any aspect of what you have read here please feel free to arrange a meeting with :

Mr R Weights – Headteacher

Mrs D Starr – SEND Co-ordinator

Mr Sheppard – SEND Governor