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Friday News 1.12.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
Parents and carers are welcome partners and their contributions are encouraged and valued.

Next week’s school target to remember to have warm winter clothing in school and wear it at playtimes.
Year 3 are our top attendees this week with 99.3%. Fantastic!

Open classrooms Weds 6th December 3.30-5pm. An opportunity for your child to show you the work they have been doing.

Now that the weather has become colder, please try to make sure that your child has appropriate warm clothing in school. We will continue to do outdoor PE in most weathers, and children are able to wear track suits or jogging bottoms so that they keep warm. We will also allow them to wear a hat and gloves for most activities.

The Christmas postbox is going to be put in the school entrance soon. If children wish to send Christmas cards to other children in school, or staff, they can post them in the postbox and our Year 6 postal delivery team will sort and hand them out. Please do make sure that all envelopes have the persons full name and class on them to help ensure they are delivered to the right person. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver to people outside school (although we have had several attempts in the past!)

Please remember to look at our school calendar for the events that will be happening over the next three weeks. We have a lot going on! We will try to make sure that all events and timings are kept up to date, so that we don’t need to keep sending reminders to you.

Thank you to everyone who attended the e-safety workshop this week. The feedback has been extremely positive, and it was a very informative session. We will email a copy of the handout to all parents early next week. 

If you are coming to watch one of the afternoon productions over the next three weeks, we will allow you to take children home a little early if the performance finishes before the end of the school day. You may also take siblings from other classes. If you are unable to attend we will keep your child in school until the end of the day as normal.

As you are aware, Mrs Williamson has been covering Mrs Dawber’s maternity absence since January. Sadly, Mrs Dawber has now resigned from her position as she has relocated to Warwickshire. Governors have decided to end this role and Mrs Williamson will therefore leave us at the end of the term. We would like to wish her every success in the future. Mrs Lofthouse will take on some of the leadership of PE and competitive sports from January.

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