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Friday News 1.5.20

Thank you for persevering with home learning. As we have said previously, we know how hard this is. Most teachers are also parents, and we are all juggling work responsibilities with parental and household duties along with home learning. It’s not easy and we feel your pain! Please know that you are doing a great job by keeping your children at home and helping to point out to them the things they should be doing. We don’t expect you to be a teacher, and we don’t expect everyone to do the same thing. We know that there will be differences in each family, and for each pupil. It isn’t possible for us to meet everyone’s requirements or expectations fully. Everyone is doing their very best, and what we are achieving together is brilliant – so thank you!

Teachers really want to know how the children in their class are doing, and it is great to see pictures of your activities and to hear about learning. Of course, it simply isn’t manageable to respond to each comment, question or concern individually and immediately. Teachers have other responsibilities beyond home learning tasks, including maintaining our childcare provision for key workers, and so they can’t provide answers straight away. All teachers have been asked to respond at least daily, so comments or questions will always be dealt with but please be patient if you need a reply. We also have some staff illness which has prevented teachers from working, so again please be patient.

All teachers have been asked to check in with their children ‘virtually’ at least once each week. We are using Google Hangouts for this because we have been reassured it is a safe platform. We are concerned about safeguarding risks involved in video calls, and we have attached an acceptable use protocol for remote learning in order to help keep all our children safe. Please take time to read this. We are expecting further guidance from the MAT and the government on this in the coming days, and will revise it in light of that guidance should any significant changes be required.

Unfortunately, we have no further information to share with you about when school will re-open. We hope that something may be released by the government next week but we have had no indication about the form that this will take. The MAT has been studying the processes taken in other countries and it seems possible that a re-opening could be phased by year group, with specific social distancing measures put in place to ensure segregation of children and families. We will keep you informed, and once we have more guidance we will let you know.

Mr Weights’ next assembly will be posted on the website on Monday, along with words for the song that will be sung. Please encourage your children to view this during the coming week.

Please be aware that roadworks will be starting throughout Monk Fryston and Hillam from 11th May. Essential water repairs will be undertaken along Water Street, Lumby Hill and Main Street between May – August. This will involve road and pavement closures, and will obviously cause disruption when travelling around the village or visiting school. Please take this into account when planning your journey.

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