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Friday News 12.10.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.

We recognise, respect and encourage the use of imagination and creativity in learning, so that we nurture the individuality of every child and support the development of their unique identity and positive self-image.

Next week’s school target is to remember to follow the playtime behaviour code.

As you will be aware, we do not allow dogs anywhere on the school premises. If you do bring a dog with you when you bring or collect your child, please be sensitive where you leave them. Children who are frightened of dogs have found it upsetting to walk past them when they are tied up too close to the pedestrian gate, regardless of how friendly or mild-mannered the dog is.

We always try to encourage children to eat healthily and have a good diet. Everyone likes treats (especially chocolate!) but we would prefer it if chocolate items don’t form a regular part of a child’s packed lunch. This can cause difficulties with other children who don’t bring chocolate to school. We certainly do not allow chocolate to be part of a mid-morning snack – these items should always be a healthy choice.

The school harvest festival is on Monday, 15th October. We would encourage all children to bring a small food item to contribute to our collection, which will be added to that of St. Wilfred’s from their harvest service on Sunday 14th October (to which all are welcome). If you would like to attend the school service, please try to use the rear side pews only, as the central pews will be reserved for children.

Upcoming Diary Dates;

15th October – Harvest Service in Church 9.30am – anyone welcome to attend, please use back rows
18th October – Individual photographs (will take photos with siblings in other classes too)
19th October – Year 2 assembly at 2.45pm – anyone welcome to attend
24th October – Year 5 visit to Hillam Potting Shed
26th October – Break up for half term.
5th November – Return to school
7th November – School Disco
14th November – PTA meeting 7pm
16th November – Year 6 assembly at 2.45pm – everyone welcome to attend.
16th November – Children In Need
20th November – Learning Reviews 3.30pm – 6pm
21st November – Learning Reviews 3.30pm to 6pm
23rd November – Year 4 assembly at 2.45pm – everyone welcome to attend

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