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Friday News 15.5.20

Thank you for continuing to support your child with distance learning, and for helping them to engage in online ‘check in’ meetings with their teacher. Although these have been a challenge to organise technically, we do think that they have been very beneficial. It is lovely to hear about the things that the children have been doing, and that they are safe and well despite the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus crisis.

We are pleased that all members of the school staff are now well and are working hard to make sure that the school is well looked after and ready for re-opening in due course. Thank you for your messages of support which have been extremely welcome. May 20th is National Thank A Teacher Day. It will mark a moment when we, as a nation, can come together to say thank you to teachers across the country who are making a difference not only now during these unprecedented times, but every day of the year. The Teaching Awards Trust are asking as many people as possible to share their message of thanks, ideally in a video clip leading up to the day. This will be in an expression of their choosing – singing a song/miming to a song of thanks to their teacher, writing and/or reciting a poem, or sharing a picture of a drawing. For more information visit

You will have heard in the government announcement last week the welcome news that schools should prepare to re-open from 1st June. We are very excited about this, and as you can imagine we very much want to see children come through the school doors once again. However, planning for reopening is an extremely complex process. Our primary concern is the safety and welfare of our children and staff, and we are doing all we can to ensure that we have risk assessed correctly and have initiated the right protocols to minimise any risks we identify. It will be impossible to maintain social distance with young children and we are closely monitoring the advice from the government and the trade unions to ensure we do things correctly. This may mean that when we re-open the timings of the school day and class groupings will change.  We cannot share plans with you at this stage because they change on a daily basis, but please be assured that we will do all we can to open school to children in a safe and timely manner. In the meantime, we will continue to deliver distance learning in the way that we have in the last few weeks.

In order to maintain the safety of our school site, we will continue to be closed to visitors for the foreseeable future. Even when children return to school, we will not operate in our normal way. There will be many significant changes and we ask for your support in implementing these. If you require anything from school please contact the office via telephone or email and not in person. We will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for contributing to the school NHS cookbook. We have received a number of excellent contributions and are busy collating these into a finished format.  Thanks to everyone for all your fabulous (and delicious!) recipes Please can you make sure we receive any outstanding recipes by the end of next week (22nd May). Many thanks.

We do not yet know what the end of year report format will be this year, as we are awaiting further guidance from DFE. We do expect that it will be very different and shorter than in previous years due to the impact of the current crisis. We are also unable to organise any transition activities to new classes at the current time. We hope to be able to provide more guidance about this after half term.

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