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Friday News 15.9.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

Next week’s school target is to remember to be respectful to others when they are learning.

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
We are committed to partnership working and sector-led school improvement in line with our responsibilities as a National Teaching School.

Year 2 are our top attendees this week with 100%. Fantastic!

Thank you for helping us to make our Erasmus Roald Dahl such a wonderful success! Your children looked amazing and had clearly made a huge effort. We are particularly grateful to all our helpers, and to Mrs Alderson who organised the day. This was part of our project work with schools in other countries, looking at famous authors from our own nationality. We certainly have a lot of great things to share with our friends!

Please remember to park cars safely and sensitively when dropping off or picking up children. We know that most families remember to park away from junctions and driveways, and are grateful for this. If using the Community Centre, please make sure that the space is used sensibly so that cars can park well away from the area that children cross the road.

Thank you for supporting the Beer Festival – we hope to see a large number of our families over the weekend. The school benefits greatly from this event, and the proceeds will help to enhance our EYFS/Y1 space with new equipment.

As you know, our school has ‘Healthy School’ status and we have a duty to meet the statutory requirements for food in schools. Our kitchen provides excellent food with a varied menu that we know meets the nutritional standards. We also have a duty to remind parents of children who bring a packed lunch to school that this needs to be healthy and in line with the principles of the ‘eatwell plate’. We attach some information that might be useful when making a packed lunch, and there is a great deal of further advice and ideas at:

1.Packed lunch guidance for parents Sept 17
2. SHS open day invite      Letter from the Headteacher

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