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Friday News 16.10.20

Should you believe your child to have Covid-19 symptoms and need to go into self-isolation, please notify the school office in the usual way via phone or email.

Should you receive a ‘test positive’ result for your child it is VITAL that you notify us as soon as possible: During school hours – directly to the school office via 01977 682388.

Out of hours send an email to  (stating student’s full name and class, contact phone number, date and time of  positive Covid test result – please use TEST POSITIVE in the title) 

It is VITAL that you let us know as soon as you possibly can so that we can implement contingency planning.

You will be aware that if children are unable to attend school due to self-isolation either individually or part of a bubble closure, they should be completing home learning. From 22nd October we will have a legal duty to set this, which will be a similar level of work that would be expected in school (for 4 hours or more each day). Of course, we understand that each family will have their own unique challenges and may not be able to support their children doing this amount and so we will point out that the duty is on the school to set the work, not on children completing it. Teachers will provide a weekly overview to describe this so that there is a consistent expectation. If your child finds this difficult please do inform their teacher so that we understand their situation and can keep appropriate records.

You will be aware that we have had several cases of confirmed Coronavirus in our schools across the Academy. We are working very closely with health authorities to ensure that our safety measures are robust. Thank you for supporting us by adhering to the guidelines. Please remain vigilant for your child displaying symptoms and inform the office if any develop.

As the risk of Coronavirus has now increased, Trustees have decided to reinforce the rule about no parental visitors on site. This includes special educational needs reviews and learning reviews (parents evenings). These will be done either by telephone or video call, and separate information will be sent about these.


A gentle reminder that our Food and Healthy Eating Policy states that the children should not bring unhealthy snacks as part of their packed lunch (chocolate, sweets, etc). We also politely ask that the children’s water bottles contain only water during lessons and playtimes. ( Fruit juice is acceptable as part of a packed lunch at lunchtime.)  We want to encourage all our children to choose healthy options and you can help us to do this by increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread, yoghurt, cheese etc that children have in their lunchboxes.

Thank you all once again for your understanding of our one-way system and staggered start and finish times. We are grateful for your support and consideration. Thank you also for staying in your family bubble when waiting in the playground: this complements the work we are doing in school to keep bubbles separate.

Recently, there has been an increase in children arriving late for their class start time, which is having a knock-on effect in school. Late arrivals have to be held back separately to allow children from other bubbles to pass through school at their allotted time. This is resulting in those initial children arriving even later to class. These actions are necessary in order for us to fulfil our obligations of keeping everyone safe. We appreciate your support in this matter. The same applies for the end-of-day – please ensure you collect your child at the correct time.

We will be selling poppies from 2nd November, please send donations in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, year group and ‘Poppy Appeal’ written on the front.

Children have been busy designing Christmas cards, when we receive the proofs back, we will send them home for you to order, you will be able to order cards, gift labels and other items.

Message from Selby Food Bank;

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of your children and families, for their hugely generous donation of food to the harvest collection.

We have been overwhelmed by the continuous generosity and compassion shown by people in the Selby district. With so many people struggling with unemployment, job insecurity or low wage, our service is as vital as ever. Due to the fabulous response from the community we are able to continue to support people in crisis and will have the ability to do so throughout the winter and beyond.

I would also like to take the opportunity to say that the Foodbank is open to people whether they are working or not. If any of your families find themselves struggling and in need of help, we are here with a non judgmental friendly welcome. People accessing the Foodbank can get a referral voucher code from many community sources including education, health, housing and Citizens Advice. If you have any family in need please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Warmest Regards

Cheryl Whitton


Selby & District Foodbank



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