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Friday News 18.3.16

Dear Parents/Carers,

School target for w/c 21.3.16; Behave responsibly inside and outside, including after school.

We would like to draw the attention of all parents and visitors to our no smoking policy. This extends throughout the entire site and includes the use of e-cigarettes. We would ask your support in encouraging compliance with this policy. Any visitor found smoking or using an e-cigarette on the premises will be asked to leave.

Don’t forget our Easter bonnet competition. On the last day of term, 24th March, we will be inviting all children to wear a bonnet that they have decorated at home.

W/C 21st March – please note that Tuesday and Wednesday lunches will be switched around, so on Tues it will be lasagne and Weds will be the roast chicken. Weds lunch will be followed by an Easter Crispie bun instead of rice pudding and jam.

Please remember that it is extremely important that your child attends school every day in order to make effective progress in their learning. Occasional absences can lead to gaps developing in knowledge and understanding, some of which become significant and take time to address. We know that there will be times when children are ill, and we insist upon time off after sickness to reduce infection and ensure full recovery, but we have noticed an increase in absence this term that we are very keen to address. We would greatly appreciate your support with this.

Unfortunately, we have continued to notice inappropriate behaviour from children on the school site after school. This week children have climbed trees and the perimeter fence, which is wholly unacceptable. We would like to remind parents that the school cannot accept responsibility for pupils remaining on site after hours, and children should be supervised at all times.

The deadline for entries for the Tour de Yorks artwork competition has now passed, but we understand that some children need additional time to complete their designs. We have therefore extended the deadline for late entries until Monday 21st March.

Remember to decorate your Easter bonnets ready for next week! We will parade these before the whole school and prizes will be awarded for the best bonnet in each class. Unfortunately, we can’t invite parents to the parade but we will post photographs on our website.

Unfortunately, the government have now closed all applications for teacher training this September and we are no longer able to take applications. Opportunities for September 2017 will be available later in the year, and if you know someone who might be interested in training to become a teacher please encourage them to speak to us about it.

You will remember that the village will have a ‘Big Dig’ this summer. This gives the opportunity for everyone to find out more about archaeology and have the chance to find out more about our village in the past. Please consider whether you might like to have a small test pit in your garden, particularly if you think your land might be of archaeological interest. Full training (including reparation of the site!) will be provided, and registrations of interest will be available soon.

You will have seen in the news the government proposals for changes to the education system. As a teaching school, we are already well placed to adjust to these changes. Please be assured that this won’t mean anything detrimental for your children – we remain an outstanding school and will continue to strive for the highest possible standards of education. We will deliver all teaching school activities in partnership with the other 16 schools in the STAR Alliance, which means that the responsibilities on individual schools will be smaller. For example, next year we will just have one trainee teacher working with us, which is less than in previous years. The impact will be seen in the benefits of the professional development our staff will receive, meaning that they continue to teach in highly effective ways.
There is a crate in the school entrance for anyone wishing to make food donations. Mrs Candler will collect these weekly and take them to the Knottingley Food Bank. For more details and ideas of items to donate please see last weeks ‘Friday News’ on the website. We had quite a few donations this week which is fantastic. Thank you!

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