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Friday News 19.5.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

Next week’s school target is to remember to keep the cloakrooms tidy.

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
We recognise, respect and encourage the use of imagination and creativity in learning, so that we nurture the individuality of every child and support the development of their unique identity and positive self-image.

Year 2 are our top attendees this week with 99%. Fantastic!

Now that the weather is warmer we have noticed that some families are choosing to stay on the school site after hours to play on the playground. We would like to remind all parents that staff cannot take responsibility for pupils outside school time and parents must supervise their children carefully. We have strict rules, including not riding bikes and scooters on the site, in order to keep children safe and would appreciate you helping us to remind children to uphold these rules at all times.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Starr who is expecting her first child in November. Mrs Starr will teach our Year 2 class in September, and will start maternity leave after October half term.

Our end of year reports will be sent home in the middle of July, along with statutory test information for Year 2 and Year 6 children. The reports will have a new format this year, which will build upon the learning review conversations held in March. They will include much more input from children and will focus upon the successes and challenges they have had in their learning. We hope that you like the changes!

Today is the last day for our 4 students who have been working in years 3 & 5. We would like to wish them all the very best for their future.

Message from Amelia in Y5 – Thanks to everyone who supported my book sale on Friday 5th May. We raised £15.00 for Islamic Relief so thank you very much from Amelia.

Sherburn Craft and Food Fair are holding amateur Arts & Craft competitions. Attached is a list of competitions that may be of interest.. The competitions cover a range of ages from Reception to 15 years. There is a wide range of activities aimed at engaging young people across the various school years and cash prizes for the winners.

There will be a change to the menu on Monday 5th June, cook will be serving pasta bake not sausage.

Hello! My name is Marion and as a grandmother of 4 I love to make life easier for mums. I am writing to ask if the parents of your school would be interested in the attached “Iron On School Labels” . I can supply at a really good rate as it’s just a little hobby for me running up to retirement. (Please see her attached flyer).

1 Iron on Labels Poster

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