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Friday News 19.6.20

We were delighted to welcome children back into Year 1 this week, and are really pleased that they have settled well, and are safe and enjoying their learning. We are looking forward to children in Year 6 returning on Monday.

We have started a new subscription to online reading books to help all children access new reading material and to reduce the risks of transmission through printed materials. These books are available now and teachers will inform their classes of how to log in. The books can be found at: KS1  or KS2

We are very pleased to see a number of children coming into school on bikes and scooters, as these are healthy ways to travel that we would strongly encourage. Please do make sure that your child is safe when riding to and from school, as a couple of near-misses have been reported this week when children have wobbled off the pavement and into the road.

Please try to ensure that social distancing guidance is followed at all times. We are working hard to ensure that children observe good practice in school and would greatly appreciate this being reinforced at home. We have noted that regulations are not always followed once children leave the site and this increases the confusion and anxiety of other children and their parents. The current guidance states that people cannot: gather outdoors in groups of more than six people with people you do not live with; or visit friends or family inside their home or any other indoor place.

If your child comes into school late it is important that they come through the car park and are buzzed into the school site by the school office. Adults cannot come beyond the playground under any circumstances, and children from different bubbles must be kept distanced.

We are aware that children returning to school are tired and we have started to see a number of illnesses develop, which would be usual. As you will know from our information, we have strict protocols in place for any child who displays symptoms of Coronavirus. If a child is taken ill with identifiable symptoms, we must inform the LA and Public Health England, and that child must take a Coronavirus test. We will always inform other families in that class bubble if any child has shown symptoms. If any child tests positive for the virus we will close the bubble for 14 days and those children must self-isolate.

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We are thrilled to announce that our NHS Rainbow Recipe Book is now available to purchase. We are eager to raise as much money as possible to support the valuable work undertaken by each and every NHS staff member.
The book consists of over 50 delicious recipes (from soup to biscoff cheesecake!!), provided by pupils of the both schools in our federation. We are so proud of their enthusiasm and support and thank them wholeheartedly for all their help in making this possible.
Because this is a fundraiser, we suggest a £5 donation per copy – please feel free to donate more!! PLEASE help us to make this the huge success it deserves to be and ….. happy baking!!  You can order your copy on ParentPay, it will default to the suggested donation of £5 but you amend this figure.  Deadline for orders is Friday 3rd July.

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