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Friday News 2.2.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
We recognise, respect and encourage the use of imagination and creativity in learning, so that we nurture the individuality of every child and support the development of their unique identity and positive self-image.

Next week’s school target is to follow the playtime routines.

We are delighted that children who have school lunches are enjoying the option to choose a jacket potato each day. As you know, they receive a wristband to show that they have chosen a jacket potato, which we encourage them to wear until they get home so that you can track their choices throughout the week. Unfortunately, it has been reported that these wristbands have been found around the village and are creating litter. We will remind children to retain the band until they get home and dispose of it appropriately, and would appreciate your support in encouraging them to do so.

Each year we invite children to do an activity for Easter. This year, we would like them to make Easter gardens that represent the features of the Easter story. These will be displayed in church during Holy Week and there will be prizes for the best garden. We will send further information about this next half term.

We are having some technical difficulties with Facebook at the moment. There are lots of photos being posted on our school Twitter page so please take a look until we get this issue resolved.

Quick reminder that we have a battery recycling bank in the school entrance, a crate to collect food for Knottingley Food Bank, a small box to collect can ring pulls along with lots of lost property, please check to see if any of the lost property belongs to you.  Thank you.

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