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Friday News 20.04.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
We are central and valued within the community and the community is an extension of life in school.

Next week’s school target is to remember to have the right clothing and equipment for the weather.

Welcome back! The summer term has started brilliantly (a bit of sunshine certainly helps!) and we are delighted with the attitudes and behaviour of all the children. This is a really important term for their learning and progress and they certainly seem to have made the best possible start. Don’t forget that children from Year 2 – Year 6 will take tests this term to measure the progress they have made, and children in Year 1 will take the phonics screening check

It has been great to see children equipped for the sunny weather. It is helpful if they have a hat to use when playing outside, and they should have suncream applied before coming to school. We regret that school staff are unable to apply suncream during the day unless they judge a child is at risk of harm.

We believe that there are going to be significant roadworks from Monday for 5 days please allow extra time for your journeys, follow diversions and road restriction signs.

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