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Friday News 20.1.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our school target for next week is; Remember to use indoor voices in the lunch hall.

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
We respect others, ensuring that every child has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach.

Our top attendees this week are Year 2 with 99% attendance. Well done!

ParentPay now have a minimum payment of £2. If you need to pay for an item/balance/contribution that is less than £2 you can add £2 to your ‘Parent Account’ then allocate part of your £2 to the chosen item, the balance will still remain in your Parent Account.

Also, please ensure that children have a minimum credit of £10.50 on their dinner account on a Monday morning if they are having school dinners that week.

Please remember that if you visit our site during the day, the pedestrian gate should be closed and chained when you leave. This is to help maintain the safety of our children. Thank you.

We have noticed that some children are coming to school on scooters and leaving them in the car park. These can be a hazard if left in an inappropriate place. All scooters and bikes should be left in the bike racks next to the Community Centre gate.

Cool Milk – your child can have a carton of cold milk daily in school for a small cost each ½ term, children up to age 5 will receive free milk but that will automatically stop on their 5th birthday. To sign up please visit

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