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Friday News 22.9.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

Next week’s school target is to remember to follow the playtime code.

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
we provide a secure, caring and supportive environment in which pupils understand the difference between right and wrong, and high standards of behaviour are expected.

Year 2 are our top attendees this week with 99.75%. Fantastic!

As you know, our cooks prepare delicious school meals using fresh local ingredients. To improve our offer to children we are going to start to serve jacket potatoes as an option from Monday 2nd October. These will come with either cheese, tuna or beans, as well as the veg of the day and the normal pudding. Children should order these at register time in the morning. Please talk to your child about their choices, as they will need to have what they order. We will try to accommodate all choices but there may be difficulties for the first weeks whilst we adjust the food ordering – do bear with us! You will know what lunch choice they made by the colour wrist band they come home wearing, orange indicates a jacket potato and purple indicates the school dinner. Please remove these when they get home to save any confusion the following day.

Do you have any old photos of the South Milford Bonfire? As you know, it is celebrating the 25thAnniversary this year and the organisers are trying to collate a record of previous events. If you have any photos that you are willing to share please let the office know.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Strathearn who is expecting her second child.  We expect her to start maternity leave in March and Governors will recruit a teacher to cover her absence later this term. 

Every year, our school makes a significant contribution to running the South Milford Bonfire. In return, the PTA receives a substantial amount of money, proportionate to the amount of support we have given. If you are able to provide any help over the weekend please complete and return the letter that has gone home today. Thank you!
Adventure Photography will be in school 19th October taking the children’s photo’s, if they have siblings in school they will also have their photos taken together.

Please try and join us in support of next week’s Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. They Year 6s will be grateful for all your generous donations. Please take a look at the letters attached from the children for further information. Many thanks in advance.

If you witness any driving/parking concerns around school please do inform the police as we are limited as a school as to what we can do.
Go to

Click “Do it online” at the top of the screen
Click “Report it”
Click ”Roads and Vehicles”
Click “Driving Concerns”

You can then give the details. It’s also possible to upload dash-cam or phone footage, but it has to show the lead up to and aftermath of the incident, i.e. before, during and after.

Do you play the bass guitar, or have one that you no longer play that could be borrowed? Would you be interested in joining other musicians – just for a bit of fun? If so, please contact Nick Sheppard ( or speak to Mr Weights.

Please see below the dates of class assemblies, these assemblies will start at 2.45pm;

10th November – Year 4
24th November – Year 6
2nd February – Year 3
23rd February – Year 5
16th March – Year 2
4th May – Year 1
22nd June – Reception

For future dates don’t forget to check the calendar on the website! 

Also we are putting lots of things on our social media pages, you can follow us on Twitter @MonkFrystonSch  or Facebook Monk Fryston CE Primary School. There are some brilliant photos on there! Just a quick reminder though,  feel free to like the posts but please do not name any children in your comments.  Enjoy! 

1. Year 6 Macmillan Letters

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