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Friday News 27.1.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

School target for next week is; Remember no running games on the bottom playground.

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.
We recognise, respect and encourage the use of imagination and creativity in learning, so that we nurture the individuality of every child and support the development of their unique identity and positive self-image.

Our top attendees this week are Year 5 with 100% attendance. Fantastic!

It has come to our attention that increasing numbers of our pupils have their own accounts on social media. We do teach all our children about e-safety and issues that could arise through the use of social media, but it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that access at home is appropriate. Please make sure that your child does not have unsupervised access to social media and they are only accessing accounts that are age-appropriate.

Have you subscribed to our Twitter and Facebook feeds? We are using these to showcase all the wonderful activities that children do in our school. We do far more than just English and Maths – take a look!

Have you seen the most recent results for Sherburn High School? Their pupil progress results are in the top 9% schools nationally. You can find out more details at:

We know that most children read a lot at home. Please remember to sign their planner when they have read – any child who reads every night is entered into a raffle to win a prize every Friday!

Don’t forget that if you are in receipt of benefits you may qualify for free school meals and the Pupil Premium. Please speak to the office for more information.

You may have noticed in newspapers including the Guardian that school funding is becoming a crisis. This affects all schools, including ours. We are funded for each pupil on our roll, and naturally when a child leaves we lose income. We are determined to maintain the high quality education that we have always provided, and will continually seek ways to counteract the impact that reduced funding has on all our children.

Congratulations to Miss Dales and Mrs Law who have both been recommended to the DFE for designation as ‘Specialist Leaders in Education’ in recognition for the high quality work that they do.

Please take great care when parking and traveling near our school to ensure all children stay safe.

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