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Friday News 28.09.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.

We provide a secure, caring and supportive environment in which pupils understand the difference between right and wrong, and high standards of behaviour are expected.

Next week’s school target is to ‘have fun’.

Visitors to school will have noticed that we are now locking the pedestrian gate onto the playground during the school day. This is for safeguarding reasons and arose through responses to the parents’ survey last term. If you are visiting the school during the day please use the gate through the car park. Although there should be no vehicle access during the day, please take great care when walking around vehicles. Thank you for your understanding.

Reminder that the school email address has changed to many of you are still email the old northyorks email address which for the moment is forwarding on the emails but that will stop very shortly.

Do you have a drone with a camera fitted? The photos of our school are now quite dated and we would like some new ones. The best way to capture a shot of the building would be from the air, and so if you have a solution that might help us please contact the office.

Please remind your children about the importance of road safety. There have been two reported near misses involving our children when playing in an evening. Now that the nights are drawing in, visibility is reduced and the potential risks are greater. We are aware of incidents involving children playing on scooters and not stopping for cars. We have reminded them in school about the dangers that are involved, and it would be helpful if you reinforced this at home – thank you.

We are encouraging our children to try our school lunches next Thursday, and so they can purchase the meal on just that day if they would like (without paying for the full week). The main meal will be Sausage, mash & beans, followed by Treacle sponge & custard; alternatively they could have a jacket potato or sandwich option. If they don’t normally have school meals and would like the meal, the cost will be £2.10 paid through Parent Pay.

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