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Friday News 3.7.20

End of year reports – this year’s end of year reports will be emailed out from your child’s class teacher on Monday (6th July). As some staff have teaching commitments outside their own yeargroups, the reports will not be sent out simultaneously. You can expect to receive them by the close of play on Monday.

You will have seen that the government has announced that schools will reopen for all year groups in September. We will be delighted to welcome all our children back and are busy working on risk assessments and plans to ensure that this is done in a safe and successful way. This will mean some changes to our usual routines, but we will inform you of these changes before the end of term.

As you know, safeguarding is extremely important to us. This continues to be the case for children who are not currently in school. The Department for Education has published advice for parents about keeping children safe from harm:

The Secretary of State for Education has confirmed that: “schools are not being asked to open over the summer holidays, and there is no expectation that schools should open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers over this period. Teachers, support staff and school leaders deserve a break, to recharge and rest.” We can confirm that our school will therefore shut to all pupils after 17th July.

If you are in receipt of benefits you may qualify for free school meals for your child. Not only does this entitle them to a meal every school day, but school will also be entitled to receive additional funding and support for them for the next 6 years through the Pupil Premium. You can find out more about free school meals at:

Thank you for submitting active selfies of children doing activities. We paused this project during lockdown but would like to restart it and keep it open over the summer holidays. You can send photographs into the active.selfies@ school email account. Please try to make sure that these are high-quality photos because we would like to enlarge and print some to display around the school in September.

As you will have seen from Mr Sibley’s letter, we are awaiting further guidance from the government regarding catch up programmes for children in the autumn term. We are also awaiting confirmation about school closure during the summer holidays. Currently, our plans are that school will close to all children (including those of Key Workers) from 17th July.

We understand children like to bring gifts in for the teachers/teaching assistants at the end of the school year, this year it is a little more tricky.  If your child would like to bring in a gift then please label it clearly with the staff members name and who the gift it from.  If the member of staff is in your child’s ‘bubble’ they can give it to them themselves, but if the member of staff is in a different ‘bubble’ we will hold it in the classroom and ensure we pass it on as soon as we can.  Thank you for your co-operation.


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