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Friday News 30.11.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time to talk about our school values for next week with your child.

Parents and carers are welcome partners and their contributions are encouraged and valued.

Next week’s school target is to make someone’s day.

We have decided not to have the Christmas production professionally filmed this year, and therefore there will not be any DVDs of the performances available to buy. As always, parents are welcome to make their own recordings of the productions as long as these are not posted on social media.

There will be plenty of reasons to visit our Christmas Winter Market after school next Wednesday. Not only will there be a variety of craft stalls selling gifts and presents to suit every budget, but there will also be performances from our school choir and the Fairburn Singers to keep you entertained while you shop. Stalls will be open until 7pm so that there will be time to come along after work.

Don’t forget that Open Classrooms will take place next Wednesday after school. This is the opportunity for your child to show you the work that they have done since the start of term.

12th December is pantomime trip day – children who are having school dinners that week will be having a picnic style lunch as they need to leave early.  Reception children will still have the pork dinner that is on the menu.

The school Christmas postbox will soon be put in the main entrance. This will offer the opportunity for children to write Christmas cards to each other and have them delivered by the Christmas post team in Year 6. Please ensure that all envelopes are addressed with the child’s full name and class so that they can be delivered correctly. We regret that we are unable to forward mail to recipients outside the school.

Message from Monk Fryston Youth Club – £2 a session – we meet at 6.30 – 8pm, at Monk Fryston Community Centre, on a Monday night and we are open to any children from Years 3 to 6. Numbers are very low at the minute so please support us to keep it open.

Upcoming Diary Dates (these are subject to change so please check regularly)  Further dates also on calendar on the website.

1st December – Christmas Fayre  12pm – 2pm
5th December – 2.15pm Reception Class Nativity – open for parents to attend
5th December – 3.30pm – Open Classrooms – an opportunity for your child to show you their work
5th December – 4pm – 7pm PTA Winter Market – open for everyone to attend
12th December – 12.30pm Yrs 1 to 6 going to the Pantomime – expected back around 4pm
12th December – picnic style lunch for school dinner children in yrs 1 to 6.
13th December – 2pm – Yr 1 & 2 Christmas Production – open to parents to attend
13th December – 9.30am KS1 Christingle in Church – parents welcome to attend
14th December – 2pm – Yr 1 & 2 Christmas Production – open to parents to attend
14th December – 9.30am KS2 carol service in Church – parents welcome to attend
19th December – Children’s Christmas dinner
20th December – pm class parties
21st December – 2pm Christmas singalong – everyone welcome to join us
7th January – Training day, school closed to pupils
8th January – school reopens to pupils

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