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Friday News 5.6.20

We were delighted to welcome children back in Reception this week. They have settled back into school life brilliantly and all seem happy to have returned. We look forward to children in Year 1 and Year 6 returning before the end of the month. You can find out more about schools during the Coronavirus outbreak at:

Thank you to the parents of children in Reception for respecting Social Distancing guidelines and setting an excellent example when children come to and from school. This has really helped us to make sure that everyone in our school community stays safe and understands their responsibilities during this challenging time.

School is working quite differently now. We have a number of protocols in place to ensure that the site is as clean and safe as possible for our children and staff. A great deal of time and effort has gone into creating extensive risk assessments, but we know how important these are and this is why we have worked hard to get them right. Please don’t worry if you see classrooms that look different and more sparse. We have reorganised things so that children can be spaced further apart and the resources they used can be cleaned every day. There are only half the number of children that would normally be in the room. They might not be able to have all their usual resources and toys available, but there is plenty for them to use.

The government restrictions upon the organisation of schools has had some big implications for us. Our class sizes have had to be halved, which means that we need twice as many rooms and twice the number of teachers. We also have some staff who are unavailable to come into school. As a result, we have made some temporary adjustments: Miss Munro, Mrs Strathearn and Mrs Greenwood are now teaching in Early Years; Mrs Walsh and Mrs Langan will be teaching in Year 1; and Mrs Law, Mrs Stevens and Mrs Ronicle will be teaching Year 6.

We would like to share some good news with you. The teachers who are currently on maternity leave have had babies: Mrs Elcock has had a little boy called Isaac, and Mrs Starr has had a little girl called Parker. The babies and adults are all doing well.

If your child has completed the tasks set in their Google Classroom and they would like more work to do, there are plenty of resources available to them. A good starting point is the Oak National Academy which has video lessons in maths, English and foundation subjects posted every day. Children simply need to click on classroom and then schedule to navigate to their year group tasks:   We also subscribe to Espresso which has video lessons and activities, and MyMaths which has powerpoint lessons and tasks that children can complete. Both have individual logins which teachers can supply. Purple Mash ( has activities in every subject, and BBC Bitesize ( posts daily lessons. is also a good site for maths video lessons and activities.

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