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Friday News 9.9.16

Welcome back, we hope you all had a great summer!

Next week’s school target is; Please remember to use good manners at all times.

Could we just remind parents to close the gates behind them as they leave the school grounds, the top gate near the layby has a chain that needs hooking over the top. 

If you are able to help at the Beer Festival next weekend could you please let the office know asap. Thank you.

Anyone wanting to place an advert in the South Milford Bonfire Ticket please confirm with the office by the middle of next week.  If you would like further info on costings and advert sizes please get in touch.

Children must not wear jewelery in school, this includes earrings. We understand that some children had their ears pierced over the summer and are not able to remove them as yet, if this is the case please ensure that they come to school with tape over their earrings for safety reasons.

We have LOTS of unnamed lost property from last year.  Please have a look to see if any of it belongs to you.  We will be removing it all next Friday.

Helen O’Grady Drama club are running ‘Development through Drama’ sessions, their flyer is attached with further details.


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