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Golden Book 19.7.19

The Golden Book

Mrs Butler and the kitchen staff

Our kitchen staff do a brilliant job of making lunchtimes great at our school. They work really hard, preparing hot dinners, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, and even rainbow wraps – our children think the meals are delicious! The staff have got great marks in their inspections, too, showing that we have the cleanest and shiniest kitchen in the area. Well done!


All our MSAs do an amazing job making sure our lunchtimes are safe and happy. They work hard to help children eat well and with good manners, and play safe games on the playground. They are really good at filling in reports and letting teachers and parents know if there has been a bump or accident, too. Brilliant!

Mr & Mrs Karpow

Mr and Mrs Karpow always make sure our school is clean, tidy and safe – and they do it with a smile on their face! We love their new red uniforms, too! If anything breaks, it is always mended quickly, and no project is too big or too small. This is why our school is such a nice environment to be in.

Mrs Tuddenham

We do a lot of work with other schools, and this is all organised by Mrs Tuddenham. She runs conferences, organises meetings, and makes sure that everyone who wants to learn to be a teacher has a good school to train in. She helps to make sure all the schools money balances as well – a really big job, but she does it all with a smile on her face! Amazing!

Office staff

What a big job Mrs McLachlan and Miss Fryers have organising everybody in school! They check that everyone is present in the morning, order all their dinners, help anyone who is late or poorly – and that’s just the staff! They also do an amazing job of handling massive amounts of papers and communications very efficiently so that we all stay safe, happy and learn well. Just brilliant!


Our PTA does an incredible job organising fun events and raising money for us. This helps to pay for the extra things that makes our school special and fun. They have raised a HUGE amount this year for our wellbeing room, which is a very exciting project. For all the clearing up after discos, flipping hundreds of burgers, and counting coins after bun sales, we are really grateful!

The Governors

Mrs Pickles and the team of governors are amazing! They look at all the things that happen in our school and make sure that we are always doing our very best. They attend lots of meetings, read lots of reports, and attend lots of events – a massive job, but they always do it with good humour and a smile. Thank you!

The Foundation staff

Another amazing year in Reception! Mrs Elcock, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Woodfine have really done wonders to make sure our children have had great fun learning letters and numbers, getting messy, playing on the beach, and generally enjoying themselves. What a fab way to spend the year!

Year 1 staff

Mrs Walsh, Mrs Cole and Miss Hendrickson have all done wonders in Year 1. Children have been science superstars, played with dinosaur poo, become penguin experts, and done phenomenal phonics. So much learning – so much fun!

Year 2 staff

Mrs Starr, Mrs Asquith, Mrs Lee, Mrs Reid and Mr Dunnill have done incredible things with our Supertwos! Children have all learnt so much and have found out loads of new knowledge. They have also become really great ‘little people’ in the process. They certainly look up, and aim high!

Year 3 staff

Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Strathearn, Mrs Chorlton and Mrs Harmer have made sure our Year 3 children have had a brilliant year. They are certainly Stone Age experts, and have become fearsome Vikings. They are brilliant botanists, too, with an amazing understanding of plants. All of this has taken a lot of hard work – but it has certainly been worth it!

Year 4 staff

Mrs Langan, Mrs Maddock and Mrs Gatenby do so much for our Year 4 children! They have helped them to become Egyptologists, real Romans, chocolate experts, and the coding superstars of the future. Not only this, but all the children have become young leaders as well, which is a wonderful achievement. Wow!

Year 5 staff

What a brilliant year our children have had in Year 5! Mrs Alderson, Mrs Lofthouse and Mrs Harmer have taken them to the moon and back! They are now space experts as well as great Greeks, and have really developed their learning and confidence. They are all ready for Year 6 as a result.

Year 6 staff

Mrs Law and Mrs Tate always work tirelessly to make sure that our Year 6 children become the very best they can be, and this year is no exception. Together, they have encouraged children to tackle new challenges, overcome their fears, and become totally ready for their next educational adventure. They always look up and aim high, and we are very proud of them.

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