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IIPWe are proud to be an accredited Investors In Pupils school. Click on School or Pupils to see the recent letters from Colin Noble our assessor.

Investors in Pupils recognises the value that we place in the involvement of pupils in the decision-making and smooth running of our school. We expect our pupils to take significant responsibility for many aspects of our provision. They are keen to do this, and influence lots of the things that we do. From before they start in Reception, our children know that other children will be looking after them. Our oldest pupils all have ‘buddies’ in Reception and are responsible for ensuring that they settle quickly and happily into our school. This is a responsibility that is taken very seriously, and friendships are made that last a long time. Our pupils play a major role in some of the decision-making processes that we undertake. We have a very active School Council who inform us about how well we are doing and suggest ways that our school can be improved. We also have teams of pupils that take responsibility for discreet areas of school, such as Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs), Sports Leaders, Playtime Helpers, Milk Monitors and Eco Warriors. Each class has written a class charter and has made an induction that supports new pupils to our school. Every week we have a whole-school target to help improve aspects of behaviour, attendance, learning, or aspects of social responsibility in the classroom. When children have met the target successfully they can earn ‘Golden Time’ on Friday afternoons, and those pupils who have been noticed as making a positive difference are recognised in the ‘Golden Book’ that is read out in assembly every Friday and is published to parents. Investors in Pupils has reinforced and consolidated our belief in Pupil Voice. Many of our children have a strong empathy to others with their charity work and their support of others in school. They make a real difference to our work and are a big part of the success that we achieve together.