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Curriculum organisation

We organise our curriculum planning into a 2-year rolling programme. This means that children will cover the essential knowledge and skills during a 2-year period, rather than encountering it in their actual year group. For example, they will always learn about Roman Britain but may do this in either Year 3 or Year 4. They will be taught at the pitch appropriate for their ability and in line with our age-related expectations regardless of which year they are taught a topic.

We have chosen to apply a rolling programme because this allows staff to plan collaboratively with colleagues across both of our schools. In this way we can exploit interests, experiences and talents most effectively. We believe that this offers greater strengths than each teacher planning in isolation.

This is our rolling programme, or organisation of learning:

FINAL 2 year rolling programme(2020 – 21 is Year B)

Teachers plan activities that deliver the body of knowledge in ways that motivate and inspire children, whilst exploiting cross-curricular links that contextualise learning. They have created plans that illustrate the activities that learners will undertake.

Remote Learning

In extreme circumstances, such as enforced school closure, pupils will commence remote learning. This will be delivered through Google Classrooms following the guidance of our school and Trust policies:

Remote Learning Policy