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The DFE has provided Catch-up grant funding to schools to provide additional tuition for some pupils whose achievement slowed as a result of Coronavirus lockdowns. This is particularly targeted at support for disadvantaged pupils, but can be used for any pupil who would benefit.

We have chosen to spend the funding on small group tuition in English and Maths for identified pupils. This is done through school-led tutoring, using tutors who are appropriately qualified and experienced, and are evidenced to make a difference to children’s learning progress.


You can read how we spent additional Covid Catch-up in the academic year 2020-21 funding here:

Monk Fryston Catch Up Plan

We believe that this represents the best way to target gaps in learning that have emerged for individual children to ensure that they make the very best progress in our school.

In the event of school closure, we will endeavour to deliver our catch-up activities in line with our remote learning policy: Remote Learning Policy