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The Big Dig 2016

Monk Fryston Time Team Big Dig!
We took part in the Big Dig this year. Our school field was used as a training site for teams that dug test pits in other locations around our village. We then extended the trench on the field to uncover the ancient ‘ridge and furrow’ farming that had taken place on the site. We were looking for evidence left when the fields were ploughed, probably using teams of oxen during medieval times (as pictured in the ‘Luttrell Psalter’)

Our test pit measured 1m x 4m and was dug down to limestone bedrock at a depth of about 1m.
So, what did we find? Not a lot! Ridge and furrow sites are usually lacking in evidence, and ours was no exception. We did find evidence of agricultural use (metal tools etc) and shards of pottery dating from Victorian times and northern ‘gritty ware’, indicating that the site was inhabited during medieval times. We hope to display some of the finds in school next academic year.
If you want ore information about the project please see the Finding Fryston website –

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